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Who We Are

R-Health Consult (RHC) is an independent, ethical company dedicated
to improving human and planetary health. RHC provides counselling, conduct research and support implementation that helps organizations
in both the public and the private sector to address health and development.

Our team focuses on providing practical insights and research-driven recommendations to help guide public health decision-making and support the development of new tools and solutions for addressing the most pertinent public health issues, encompassing both the top-down and the bottom-up approach.

Formed by a group of experts with extensive experience and expertise in design, analysis, and implementation of public health policies, we work with stakeholders in public and private sectors to deliver knowledge and analytical products that drive positive change in health and beyond. We develop customized analytical reports, advocacy and research tools, modelling solutions, guidance notes, and thematic scoping reviews, among other.

By providing a centralized and recognizable source of support to a wide range of national and international institutions, RHC also serves as a platform to share experience, negotiate agreements, co-create innovative solutions, and implement sustainable, cost-effective policies and technologies to support public health and sustainable development.

RHC has expertise in various academic, technical and professional disciplines with extensive experience in working with the UN, national policymakers, NGOs, and research and academic institutions. In addition, RHC provides networking tools to gather and exchange the latest and most relevant information and evidence-informed findings on most pertinent and strategic developments in the domains of public health, medical sciences, pharmacology, social health security, and health innovation.


Why Choose Us

We specialize in combining data-driven insights with forward-looking ideas
to improve the ways in which our societies preserve, enjoy, and promote health.



We combine outstanding expertise with rigorous, professional approach to output delivery.



We are impact-oriented and prioritize workflows and strategies that allow to deliver results, even when inputs are limited.


Comprehensive approach

We think holistically, and leverage opportunities for synergy and integration.


Forward-looking analysis

We go beyond what works today and try to envision what will guarantee success tomorrow.



Many think outside the box.
We think outside the tesseract.



We excel in transforming complex evidence in compelling messages that resonate with target stakeholders.

"Health matters — so do the decisions that influence it"

We are committed to changing the ways in which policy-makers, businesses, and individuals perceive health and respond to the global and local challenges that put public and individual health at risk.

Our expertise is broad and strengthened by decades of experience working with public health institutions, private enterprises, health researchers and practitioners, international organizations, and NGOs. We are keen to put our capacity and knowledge to work to contribute to better health and development of people and societies.

Our Experts

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