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From health surveillance to policy design, from strategic consulting to solution implementation — RHC excels
in delivering support that helps achieve lasting improvements in public healthcare and beyond.

Public health data analysis


Strategy design and implementation support


Health economics
and policy modelling


Health promotion
and advocacy


Digital health
and innovations

Training and capacity building


We specialize in combining data-driven insights with forward-looking ideas to improve the ways in which our societies preserve, enjoy, and promote health.

Areas Of Work

Health policies and regulations

Translating scientific evidence into impact-yielding policies is not always straightforward – we make sure that the right direction is kept along the way.

Social and environmental determinants of health

Both the determinants and the implications of health go far beyond the health sector. We help various stakeholders to better understand the importance of identifying and addressing social and environmental causes of diseases and to appreciate the positive economic impact that this can achieve.

Emerging technology for health

R-Health Consult focuses on the sub sector of biopharmaceuticals, telemedicine, and information technology to improve quality and outcomes in health.

Health and sustainable development

Health and development are closely linked. We seek to strengthen global public health to support development while also searching for ways in which development progress can address public health needs.

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