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Clinical interventions modules as part of investment cases on non-communicable diseases

RHC develops advanced clinical intervention modules for non-communicable diseases investment cases (NCDs).

The NCD investment cases seek to quantify the social and economic burden of specific diseases, conditions, or risk factors in countries to calculate the cost of required action, and to evaluate the return on investment. They serve as both an advocacy and an analytical instrument to support governments to identify and understand, scale-up and prioritize increased investments in NCD prevention and control.

NCD investment cases look into different WHO-recommended packages of health interventions, including clinical interventions, that improve health outcomes by reducing behavioral and metabolic risk factors, and by treating NCDs, thus reducing subsequent morbidity and mortality.

The advanced clinical interventions modules will allow to quantify clinical interventions to control cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs), diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), as well as optimal early detection schemes for non-communicable diseases. In particular, the module will cover optimal schemes for drug provision (calculation of the economic effect of providing patients with myocardial infarction, stroke, stable coronary artery disease).


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